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In a world where you can travel 4000km/h and are able to teleport with a snap, there is no need to shop locally.

E2 MegaMart will be the centre of commerce for Earth 2.

The MegaMart will inevitably be a part of the future of Earth 2.

Do you want to be part of the future Earth 2 commerce?

If you are planning to open a virtual shop or just need a place to promote your E2 or E1 business, MegaMart is what you need.

Imagine a space with thousands of shops, where you can buy your E2 avatars, properties and resources directly from the sellers.

Try to envision a massive market where all the Earth 2’s users can gather together to buy and sell virtual and real-life goods.

That venue now exists and just went live!

Secure your unique spot now and get the best location at E2 MegaMart before it’s too late.

Will you be a part of it?

E2 MEGAMART: The structure

We are looking to expand our borders as soon as possible, so please buy only inside the perimeter of the E2 Megamart.

HERE IS WHERE TO STARThttps://app.earth2.io/#thegrid/887d325b-3d4a-45ea-8184-273608303acb

E2 megamart map - earth 2 shopping - earth2 metaverse  e2megamart.com

E2 MEGAMART navigation system

We also guarantee a personalized profile space for the sellers on the main page of the E2 MegaMart website where you are also free to advertise and promote your products.

The E2 MegaMart navigation system allows customers from the Earth 2 world to be able to see all the shops registered in E2 MegaMart via one of the central towers and teleport, walk or fly straight there!

E2 MEGAMART squares

Browse the E2 Megamart squares in the Earth 2 Metaverse:

e2 megamart SQUARE - earth2 metaverse

E2 MEGAMART Districts

e2 megamart drone district - earth 2 drone district - earth 2 metaverse - e2megamart.com

More coming soon!