Drone District

After the success of the E2 MEGAMART, we decide that we want to give users/players more opportunities to enjoy our Megamart opening different districts with different themes.

We are now proud to present our first one. The new DRONE DISTRICT is now live.

For all of those players who love PvP, we want to give them an opportunity to join our E2 MEGAMART DRONE DISTRICT.

Few drones have been already placed as holobuilding, we want yours as well!

As many of you have read on the whitepaper draft:

The Gamer is a Player who specialises in playing the real-time traditional video games that will exist as PvP options inside the Earth 2 Metaverse

These are usually talented individuals with good cognitive skills, a great asset depending on what type of game they are playing. 

The first PvP game inside Earth 2 will be an updated and modified version of the Sci-Fi real-time shooter, DRONE the Game. 

The Gamer can: 

• Create and customise DRONES for specific purposes inside the game 

• Fly DRONES to attack or defend properties inside a Battle Arena 

• Create and Manage Guilds 

• Harvest in Game, Steal, Pillage 

• Determine Vehicle Classes and Objectives 

• Control Territory / Properties 

• Work as a Gamer and earn Red Co-Op Energy / Currency 

• Master Jewel slotting on vehicles 

• Play-to-Earn 

We are getting ready for it.

What are you waiting for? Join now our new DRONE DISTRICT ( https://app.earth2.io/#thegrid/1b436063-0145-4f0a-9913-0abff6a9b904 )